Farmers Market Oct 9th – Thanksgiving

October 21, 2010

 Thanksgiving in is a time of reflection on the many blessings we have received. Working with so many talented people during the operation of the Kerr Village Farmers Market has given all of us many reasons to be thankful. We’re thankful for the farmers and producers who have been part of our market, for our loyal market visitors who have come each week to listen to the music, enjoy breakfast or lunch, and shopped for farm fresh, locally grown Ontario produce.

 Our mandate this season, through a program with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food was to raise awareness for locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables. We were asked to improve on the ways we could bring fresh, local produce to communities like Kerr Village. 

The Kerr Village Farmer’s Market and the Kerr Village BIA, worked as a team, and have had measurable success. Bringing together incredible opportunities to provide the venue and the audience for Ontario and locally grown products.  By forming a partnership with The Kerr Village BIA, the Town of Oakville and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, a repeatable model has been developed. This model shows how local farmers markets can operate profitably; while raising awareness for the farmers themselves, through a proven co-op methodology. The Kerr Village Farmers Market has brought education, community and fresh, seasonal local produce to Kerr Village, forming alliances and joint ventures with truly measurable results. 

The Kerr Village Farmers Market team has increased consumer awareness for locally grown Ontario foods, Marketing Boards, Farmers, Growers and Manufacturers. This initiative has increased consumers purchasing, not only directly from the Farmer’s Market, but also through the visitors who are visit local community restaurants that are serving products grown in Ontario.

The final Kerr Village Farmer’s Market day was held on Thanksgiving weekend and was an impromptu homecoming for our summer students and volunteers.  Not only were we blessed with excellent weather, we also got a surprise visit from John Prada and Sean Robins, two of our University Students who were interns with us for the summer. They provided both the brains and the brawn required to operate a successful Farmers Market.  It was using the skills of young people like these two; that gave us the unique opportunity we had to develop a strategy that could be measured, monitored and duplicated. It was invigorating to recall all the exciting moments from this past summer, when the entire team contributed to building a successful venture here in Kerr Village.  

Considering this was our final Farmers Market for the season, there was no lack of organized events, professional performers and abundance of seasonal produce. Through the relationships we built this summer we were able to provide Strawberries (Dayberries) right up until the end of September and we were one of a handful of markets that had freshly picked local Ontario Corn thanks to Andrews Scenic Acres.  We even had a special treat for the kids with a visit from Cathy Nesbitt of    

Cathy Nesbitt, Canada’s “Worm Woman” is on a mission to show kids how her worms can save the environment. She had kids build their own worm bins, creating a friendly environment for the worms to do what they do best – Eat garbage!  The Region of Halton also supplied composters for some of the lucky kids to collect food for their new worm farm.

It has been a fantastic year for the promotion of eating local farm produce.  We have seen our attendance grow each week and we have developed a loyal following of consumers who have come to rely on the Kerr Village Farmers Market to bring them a variety of locally produced, farm fresh, fruits and vegetables. 

The 2010 Kerr Village Farmers Market has been a tremendous success and we look forward to continuing to build on the strength and experience we have achieved this year.    

The Kerr Village Farmer’s Market has done something incredibly unique; they have built a repeatable team model that includes all levels of the food chain.  

A copy of the report detailing our Survey results, a Co-operative Farmers Market System, and the Social Media Strategy used to build awareness and to drive consumers, producers and community partners to the Kerr Village Farmers Market is available upon request. Please contact the Kerr Village BIA at or call 905-849-8865 for your copy.


Kerr Village Farmers Market Oct 2nd – Fall is in the air! Leaves are Swirling and Worms are Squirmin.

October 10, 2010

It is definitely fall at the Kerr Village Farmers Market. How can you tell?

Just look at the squash, pumpkins, gourds, apples and new vendors selling Halloween Cookies and Thanksgiving table decorations. 

We welcomed Dee McCauley to the market this week. Dee has been baking up a storm and the smells of fresh baking has permeated her home as she prepared her creative Gingerbread cookies for our market.

Dee was delighted with the response by market visitors last Saturday for her hand decorated cookies. By mid morning when I turned to look at Dee’s table, she had only 3 cookies left in a box and I was ecstatic to learn that she had sold out before 11am.

Make an effort to get to the Market early this Saturday; you don’t want to miss out on Dee’s Cookies. 

We would also like to welcome Marty Bateman from Orchid Bridal and Gifts to the Market.  She has a growing business selling silk floral arrangements for weddings and special events. They have many seasonal gift ideas for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you drop by Orchid Bridal and Gifts and speak to Marty about her beautiful creations.

We have a special treat for kids this week at the Kerr Village Farmer’s Market. It’s Cathy Nesbitt from “Cathy’s Crawly Composters”  she is going to teach local Kerr Village kids all about worms! 

They will discover worm poo, worm bins, worm paraphernalia and books on worms. This “Squirmin” event will help young kids become farmers……with a different kind of crop – their crop would be – oh no! Poo!

The Red Wigglers will be on hand to show and tell.  Each of the children and their parents can watch a film called “Squirm” – but instead of popcorn being served everyone will be treated to “dirt cupcakes complete with worm topping”. 

This may be the last weekend of the farmers market but it’s not the end of the fun in Kerr Village. Make plans to attend these upcoming events on Kerr St.

Halloween Happenings – Oct 23rd

Christmas Tree Lighting – Nov 19th

Santa Clause Parade – Nov 20th

Sept 25th Farmers Market

September 28, 2010

Saturday September 25th was the highlight event of the 2010 Kerr Village Farmer’s Market season.  This was the day we celebrated Corn!  We celebrated the fact that Ontario produces a major corn crop and that corn crop goes into a wide variety of products that we eat and drink.  

Fresh Applies and Produce

The Wine Ladies, Susanne and Georgia are Oakville’s own, they founded a very entrepreneurial sister team in 2003. Charismatic and entertaining they hosted our “Corn” event held at Coast Bar & Grill. These ladies love live public appearances and brought a film crew with them. They were on site to shoot a video showcasing the Farmer’s Market, Liaison College, Coast Bar & Grill and Tag #5 Vodka. The video will air on October 6th on Susanne and Georgia’s Television show. The video will tie together the story of a community that can bring locally grown Ontario corn, a local Distillery, a local college and local bar together to celebrate and generate awareness for Ontario locally grown corn. 

Dianna Iaquinto is the Executive Director and owner of Liaison College Oakville and was the Food Sponsor for our event.  She has been bringing her Chef, Paul Hoag and his students to the Kerr Village Farmer’s Market this summer to help visitors and vendors learn more about how to prepare the wide variety of food products grown in Ontario. Dianna and her team have been a wealth of knowledge on the 100 mile diet, and have been instrumental in getting us together as a community. 

Liaison College has been working diligently to integrate the college, and the students into the Kerr Village community.

“It’s very good for our students to see and work with local restaurants, vendors and markets”, said Dianna Iaquinto.  “The College has been at the market a handful of times this summer, she said, teaming up with Cameron’s Brewery, creating and serving recipes made with beer. Our Chef and his students have also prepared dishes from locally grown produce at the market including eggplant, Raspberries, strawberries and corn. “ 

Chef Paul is an artist when it comes to food, not only can he create amazing recipes, his presentations are picture perfect! These recipes are posted on the Liaison College  Facebook page under the recipes tab. All the recipes from the market this summer are also posted there. 

This past Saturday Chef Paul used Tag Vodka as the base for his recipes.  Tag Vodka is quadruple filtered sweet corn vodka.

 Saturday’s food sampling included Vodka Miso Cod with Cucumber Kim Chee; Spicy Watermelon Ginger Soup in cubes with ginger chips; and Vodka Tiramisu.

 Craig Peters owner of Tag Vodka was also the bartender at the event and created the drink pairings that included Cucumber and Rosemary Muddled Caesar, Watermelon and Basil Mohito, with ginger infused Tag Vodka and an Espresso Martina made with Tag No 5 Vodka.  Tag No. 5 Vodka.  Recipes are available on the website.

 One of the things the Minister of Agriculture wanted to improve on was to find ways to bring Chef’s, Restaurateurs, and Farmers together. The Kerr Village Farmer’s Market and the Kerr Village BIA, as a team, have become brokers, bringing together incredible opportunities to provide the venue and the audience for Ontario and locally grown products.  

We increased consumer awareness for Ontario Foods, Marketing Boards, Farmers, Growers and Manufacturers. We have increased consumers purchasing, not only direct from the Farmer’s Market, but also through the visitors who are going to Restaurants that are serving locally grown products. Some are taking training programs from Liaison College because they want to become chefs.

 The Kerr Village Farmer’s Market is doing something incredibly unique, it’s building a team that includes all levels of the food chain, and if it was not for the continued support from Liaison College, Oakville Campus, this would not have happened.

 We look forward to seeing everyone at the remaining two weekends of the Kerr Village Farmers Market as we plan to continue bringing you the freshest fruit and vegetables straight from local farmers.

Sept 18th Farmer’s Market

September 19, 2010

Sept 21st  marks the end of summer, but what a summer its been for the Kerr Village Farmer’s Market!  We are still feeling euphoric over Kevin Flynn’s presentation Kevin Flynn MPP - Oakville a the Kerr Village Farmers Marketof the OMAFRA grant to the Kerr Village BIA and the Kerr Village Farmer’s Market.   The number of visitors to the market continues to grow as seen by the increase in sales of fresh locally gown produce including farm fresh beef, poultry and pork!  Our Father's FarmOur Father’s Farm returned from a short break, taking order for Grass Fed Beef and Fresh Organic Turkey’s.  It may seem hard to belive but we continue to offer fresh Ontario Grown Strawberries from Tigchelaar Berry Farms in Vineland Ontario.   Dan Tigchelaar tells us that these berries will be available until the first frost.  It sad but true, our Canadian winter is what brings the availability of farm fresh fruits and vegetables to a grinding halt.    None the less here at the Farmers Market we continue to celebrate the harvest.  On September 25th we will be celebrating “Ontario Corn”.   Join us in Kerr Village when we introduce you to an unprecedented set of sponsors that include Liaison College, Tag No. 5 Vodka, and The Wine Laddies.  To learn more about this event, see last weeks post .   We look forward to seeing you at the Market for our Sept 25th event.  We invite you to stay tuned to find out what coming up for the remaining two Saturday’s in October when the market will be open.

Sniff, Swirl and Slurp with Tag No 5 Vodka! Sept 25th

September 15, 2010

Engage all your senses.
Tag No.5 is it! Sweet corn based premium vodka with delectable treats!

What does a local farmer’s market, Kerr Village Farmers Market and vodka have in common? Sweet delicious corn grown locally, the base for this quadruple distilled and filter polished five times vodka. Tag #5 Vodka The ultimate vodka experience!

The Wine Ladies

Susanne and Georgia - The Wine Laddies

We invite you to join us Saturday, Sept 25th, 2010 for a very special tasting event! Come experience the sensational taste of one of Canada’s finest vodkas made locally in Oakville, Ontario paired up with the delectable food prepared by Liaison College Oakville campus, Ontario’s largest trainer of chefs and cooks.

We invite you to shop at the local Kerr Village Farmers Market for your fresh vegetables and fruits then join us for a lovely culinary and vodka tasting at Coast Bar & Grill , 355 Kerr Street, Oakville, Ontario. Buying local is buying smart!

Explore and enjoy one of the most popular spirits today, that of vodka
Swirl and sniff? Does this apply to vodka and wine?
Is the “finish” of a vodka as important as it is with wine?

Tag Vodka

Tag No 5 Vodka

To vodka and vodka cocktails food pairing: Are the principles the same as with wine?
Optimum way to get the most out of your vodka

The Wine Ladies will be  hosting this sparkling afternoon with their cameras to capture all of the fun and fanfare too.

There is no cover to attend the event and space is limited to just 40 people. In order to avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you R.S.V.P. in advance. Call 905-338-6797or email (Kerr Village/Tag Vodka event RSVP)

Event Details:

Liaison College

Liaison College Oakville

Place: Coast Bar & Grill , 355 Kerr Street, Oakville, Ontario
Date: Saturday, Sept 25th, 2010
Time:11:30 a.m. -1:00pm.
Price: No charge

Farmers Market Sept 11th – Kevin Flynn MPP Oakville Vists the Market

September 14, 2010

Kevin FlynnThe Kerr Village BIA and the Farmers Market had a special guest on September 11th.  Kevin Flynn the Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville paid us a visit at the market.  Kevin Flynn MPP - Oakville a the Kerr Village Farmers MarketThe purpose of his visit was to present the Kerr Village BIA and The Farmers Market with a Grant from Agriculture Canada and the Ontario Market Fund OMAFRA.  The purpose of the grant is to promote the use of locally produce fruits, vegetables, and Meats from growers and producers from within 100 miles of Kerr Village.  Kevin Flynn pointed out that restaurants like Cora’s Breakfast Cora's Breakfast Restaurantare a great example of a company that supports buying locally.  Much of their fruit is purchased from local growers and producers and we know they use a lot of fruit in the breakfast dishes they prepare.  You can watch the full video of Kevin’s presentation by visiting our Facebook Page.

Sept 11th was a very busy day.  The market was well represented by farmers from both our Co-Op tents to lcoal vendors and producers.   We had special guests as well such as Oakville United Taxi

bOakville United Taxi10th Anniversary Celebration

who were celebrating their 10th anniversary in Oakville,  The Town of Oakville talking about sustainability ideas for residents and Town of OakvilleGoodlife fitness sharing ideas on staying fit and eating healthy.  Overall it was a very exciting day at the market with Kevin Flynn’s presentation, the vendors and the farmers.  Good Life FitnessWe are looking forward to the remaining Saturday’s of the market including our next  big event which is taking place on Saturday September 25th and will include a visit to the Market by the Wine Laddies , Tag Vodka , and Liaison College.  We also invite you to check out this Letter to the Editor about Kerr Village, Treasure Island Books and how the community cares about its members.  Treasure Island Books Will Be Missed

Farmers Market Sept 4th

September 14, 2010

Not even a blustery day could keep Bruce Ferrier of Treasure Island books away from the Kerr Village Farmers market to allow his loyal customers the opportunity to  continue to purchase his books. The Kerr Village Farmers Market provided Bruce with the opportunity to continue selling his books throughout September and October.  You can follow some of the editorial comments published in the Oakville Beaver here treasure-island-bookstore-will-be-missed , lamenting-loss-of-used-book-store .  The full article can be found here so-many-books-so-little-time

I wanted to provide an update on two recent additions to the Kerr Village Farmers Market.  The first one is Cody’s Cows

Cody's Cows

Farm Fresh Beef from Cody's Cows

who are supplies of grass fed Beef and Poultry.    The other vendor is SmokeVille who provide smoked beef, chicken and Fish.  Both vendors have been very popular at the market and offer several opportunities to sample their products.

Our next market day will be Saturday Sept 11th.  We are expecting a visit from Kevin Flynn the Oakville Member of Provincial  Parliament.  He will be at the market around 11am with a special announcement from Agriculture Canada and OMAFRA.  We hope you can join us for this event.